4 reasons millennials should open a credit union account

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Whether learning a language, mastering a sport or gathering gobs of greenbacks, starting young is always a plus. It’s also crucial to get into good habits early, before hard-to-break bad ones are cast in concrete.

A perfect example: Start a lifetime of saving and borrowing at a credit union, which may cater to young adults better than a bank can.

“A great concern for people just entering the workforce is the stagnant nature of wages and benefits, so it makes sense to look at opportunities to reduce costs and receive higher rewards,” says Marco Pantoja, interim director of the University of Missouri Office for Financial Success in Columbia, Missouri.

Here are 4 reasons millennials should consider a credit union.

1. You may get a better deal on a savings account or certificate of deposit. This fall, the average 5-year CD paid 0.85% APY, Bankrate’s survey of banks and thrifts found. Credit unions, on average, paid 1.55% APY, according to…


Read the full article at the source here: https://www.bankrate.com/banking/credit-unions/4-reasons-millennials-should-open-a-credit-union-account/?fbclid=IwAR0trVOLcdEZ8utiWzCKE9yGQgUKfceMrCeS_7WIcXZVRxpUDjUTvMtdgz8




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